How it all began

One could say that it all began in the 1980s when a young James Ippoliti asked his bass teacher, Dick Sirota at House of Guitar if he knew any guitarist that James could start a band with. Mr. Sirota, who also taught Paul guitar (and Paul would eventually teach there himself) wrote Paul’s name and phone number on the back of a business card and the rest is history.

Since that day, James Ippoliti and Paul Lingerman, the bass and guitar player respectivly for Plan 9, have been playing together on and off in several bands for well over 30 years.

After James’ band, The Switch broke up in 2015, James decided to contact his lifelong friend and guitarist, Paul Lingerman to start a new cover band. The concept was to create a classic rock cover band that played the songs other cover bands fear to play–mostly because they can’t.

They knew they needed top notch musicians to fill out the band. James brought on board vocalist Mike Tedesco. Mike works at Apple with James. James knew that Mike’s voice and professional training would be a perfect fit. Little did James know that Mike had a multi-talented friend in Tom Colao. Tom can rock out on both keyboard and guitar and he claims to be not so bad on the trumpet. Rounding out the group is percussionist David Balcher. David is in several bands including a Jazz trio with Paul Lingerman.

James and Paul first performed live together as teenagers on May 25th, 1988 at the Bensalem High School Battle of the Bands.

James & Paul would perform the same song nearly 30 years later at Triumph in Princeton, NJ

All through High School they wrote and performed together. Since then, they have performed in many different bands but with Plan 9, they return to their rock roots.

Plan 9 continues to seek out community festivals on their mission to bring live music to every town.

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